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I have really enjoyed the training I’ve received on Business Ethics, teamwork and Business etiquette. I feel that I have the perfect foundation to start my working career

                                                                        …Participant at SYOJ Consulting & Management Services



I totally enjoyed the induction training. Apart from the knowledge and information passed, our coordinator Ms Sowemimo made me feel at ease and emphasized that everyone should speak freely. This made the environment relaxed and participants were open and I actually learnt a little more about my new colleagues

                                                                      …Participant at SYOJ Consulting & Management Services



It was really remarkable listening to you for two days. Your depth of knowledge, experience and more importantly the practicality of your sessions are outstanding. I am the better for it.

                             …Paticipant at SYOJ Consulting & Management Services


This is more than a ‘wow’!!! I really really enjoy the training. I have learnt more than I thought I would. I will put into practice what I have learnt. Thanks for being a part of my success story.

                                                           Paticipant at Schoolkits Limited



This course has given me a lot more insight into customer behavior and why we need to know and imbibe the Golden Rule. It has been highly educative and I hope to practice and impart this to others. Thank you so much.

                                                                            …Participant at Crafties HobbyCraft Centre Limited



I have been so inspired, mostly because, you were a practitioner just like I am and now a trainer. I long to do more and this training has motivated me. Thank you very much.




I had a wonderful time. What captivated me was that you smiled all throughout. Well done.

                                                                                                                 …Participant at RCCG City of Palms



Parish I really enjoyed the session. Loved the way you smiled all through. I love your gesturing, love your fashion sense, your style. The way you interacted well with us and how you called people’s names when sighting examples. Thank you so much.

                                                                                                      …Participant at RCCG City of Palms Parish



This is quite good. This is a Finishing School programme. Both educated and uneducated need this course to move the country forward. I wish you the best. Well done.

                                                                                                              …Participant at RCCG City of Palms Parish



You are a fantastic teacher. From your examples and poise, it is obvious that you are not just teaching etiquette, you do live it as well. I appreciate that in you. More importantly, you inspire me with your giving. God bless you richly as you give of yourself.


                                                                                                         …Participant RCCG City of Palms Parish
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