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Social Etiquette

social-etiquetteIn a world filled with bad manners and more social faux pas than there are people, it becomes imperative that we help to offer a list of social etiquette tips. You will be invited to more parties, thought of when job opportunities arise, and make more friends if you exhibit decent social etiquette.

Are you as successful as you would like to be in your personal and social life? If the answer is “no,” you might want to evaluate your social/soft skills. Soft skills refer to a cluster of personal attitudes and social graces that make someone a good friend, date, and employee; someone compatible to be around–at the office and outside of the office. Social skills are also known as interpersonal skills, or people skills.

Soft skills are 85% of success in getting a job; keeping a job; and moving up in an organization, according to research. There are certain accepted behaviours in all social situations that you need to learn. With few exceptions, putting them into practice can make a big difference in your social life.


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