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Dining Etiquette

Forbes-Dining-Top-PhotoEtiquette affects almost every aspect of dining. Dining etiquette rules apply before you ever take your seat and continue after you excuse yourself from the table. Some aspect of dining etiquette are;

  • Table Manners,
  • Table Setting,
  • Restaurant Etiquette,
  • Business Dining Etiquette,
  • Wine Etiquette and
  • International Dining Etiquette.
  • Napkin Etiquette

They all have their own separate rules.

If most of your dining has started at the drive-thru or over the kitchen sink lately, you probably need a refresher course in proper etiquette at the table. In spite of the hurried nature of most people’s lives today, slowing down long enough to eat a meal in a civilized manner will give you a sense of peace and a chance to recharge your energy. Whether you are dining in someone’s home or in a restaurant, using proper etiquette at the table will also help you socially and professionally.

Table manners were designed to keep people from scarfing food down like animals, so learn them before you eat with others. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should never call attention to yourself by blatantly breaking the rules set by society.

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