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Etiquette FAQs


Politeness and proper decorum are not outdated issues. The following list of frequently asked questions and answers are designed to help you become more etiquette savvy. If you have an etiquette question that is not answered here, please feel free to ask us.


How do I know which fork to use when there are three on the table in front of me, all approximately the same size?
At a dinner table, which glasses are mine and which are my neighbor's?
Where do I place my name badge?
Where is the guest seated during a meal?
How do I introduce my client to my boss?
Which way should my knife blade face when resting on my plate?
What should I carry in my right hand during a reception?
When dining in a restaurant and you accidentally drop your fork on the floor, what should you do?
What do you do when someone takes the roll from your bread and butter plate?
What do I do with my napkin if I need to leave the table for a brief time?
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